Natural Options for Battling Cancer

By Dr. Thomas S. Lee, NMD, APH

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Cancer has been considered a wartime enemy since President Nixon declared it as such in 1973.  Ever since, America and the Western world have been losing this war in the most deadly and expensive ways.  Today, many excellent books on the details of this conflict are available, and seekers of details about this horrific defeat will find published results from any perspective they might want to pursue.

The CancerHelpers website is affiliated with NaturoDoc and is intended to offer solutions for the complex and frightening problems associated with cancer.  We present ideas and products that we have found reliable for you or those for whom you are caring to slow down or reverse a cancerous process.  It is not our intent to diagnose or treat cancer from this website—that would be ludicrous.  We are available for tele-consultation and referrals to respected physicians and their facilities, however.

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We do not ask you to believe anyone will ever find a "cure" for cancer.  Why not?  Because cancer is not really a "disease." Clearly, it is a frightening diagnosis which can sometimes lead to death, but there are many factors which can contribute to a cancerous process.  We find that by identifying and changing the causative factors, people can slow down, stop, and even reverse cancer.  What we encourage is the concept that one can heal from cancer by bringing together many resources from within and around that person now.

The conventional war-torn treatment strategies for cancer remain largely unchanged and unsuccessful over many decades.  But today there are many great new understandings and results that use natural medicines and approaches to help a person reverse cancer.  We look forward to the opportunity to share some of these positive developments with you.

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