Medical Consultations
With Dr. Lee

Many of our website visitors decide to seek medical advice from a licensed practitioner of natural medicine.  Our informed perspective is available to help with personal health issues you or your loved ones might be facing.

You will notice that this site does not include controlled pharmacy items.  As of April 2009, federal regulations require that physicians conduct an in-office visit for the prescription of those items.  While Dr. Lee does hold a DEA number and has prescriptive privileges, prescriptions are only available after a face-to-face consultation in the states of Arizona and Washington.  Please contact our office for Dr. Lee's schedule if that is what you seek.

This website offers a variety of natural medicines and nutraceutical treatments for the most common causes of pain.  These can either complement or replace the need for pharmaceuticals.  No physician management is required for the purchase or use of these materials, but many patients appreciate the help from Dr. Lee in using them for the best results.  His professional qualifications are available here.

We offer two remote consultation methods to meet your needs:  telephone and email.

Telephone Consultations

Dr. Lee conducts individual phone consultations by appointment.  His rate is $95.00 per half hour, and after the first 30 minutes the fee is pro-rated based on the actual time you are on the phone together.  We will email you a standard medical receipt after the service is rendered.

Once your appointment has been scheduled, you are encouraged to email or fax us any relevant test results or reports you would like for the doctor to have in advance of the consultation.

Teleconferences and live recordings of the call are available as an option.  A fee of $0.08 per minute per party will be added to your invoice.  This works out to be only $4.80 per half hour for a call involving two parties.  Afterwards, the call recording may be accessed by the client at any time from a secure web page.  The call recording remains available indefinitely (until you tell us you're finished with it.  To arrange a teleconference or live recording of your call, just let us know in advance of the call.  We can do international calls, but an international party must call in at their own expense, and then the per-minute recording fee applies.

Email Consultations

For brief questions, consider getting written advice via email.  Email consultations are priced at $120 and are also transacted using the secure form below.  A personal reply to your inquiry will be emailed to you within 3-4 business days after receipt of your request.  This fee allows for a 1/2 hour time input for the first session, with a 15 minute update and commentary within the following 1-2 weeks.  It includes one followup email where you report the results you are getting along with any further questions, and you then will receive a second email from Dr. Lee.

Insurance Coverage

For consultation with our staff or physicians, payment is required at time of service.  You are encouraged to file for reimbursement with your own medical insurance carrier if they cover the services of a licensed physician.  We provide a properly coded and identified medical receipt to assist you in this.  Some nutritional supplements that we sell are reimbursed for some conditions and by some policies.  Please confirm your insurance coverage prior to the consultation.  If your policy includes a phrase defining the provider as a "licensed medical provider practicing within the scope of their license," they are likely to accept receipts from a naturopathic medical doctor (NMD or ND) for some percentage of their charges.


Again, our prices are:

30-Minute Phone Consultation


60-Minute Phone Consultation


Email Consultation (3-4 day response time)


Prices are in U.S. dollars.

Communicate with us in complete confidence with our secure order form, which uses a 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL).  We never share any of your information with any third party without your informed consent.  View our Privacy Statement here.


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Your Health Concerns

If you have requested an email consultation, please describe the health concerns and questions about which you want to consult the doctor.  This entire message is transmitted securely to assure confidentiality.  Types of information that would be most helpful are:

  • A description of the problem.

  • How long the person has had it.

  • What has been done or taken for it.

  • What natural supplements the person might presently be taking.

  • What pharmaceutical medications are being or have been used.

  • Any medical reports or lab results that can be made available to the doctor.

If you are arranging a telephone consultation, please use this field to give us your schedule preferences and suggest two or three times that are good for you.  We will then schedule an appointment with you by email or phone.  You should plan to phone us at the appointed time.  We will email you a reminder one business day in advance.

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Thank you.  We look forward to working with you.